To the core..

Laugh, laugh a little louder, for you need a fresh start. Land barefeet on grass and walk, sure, from your worries you will be apart. Take a ride somewhere, alone or jog. Let your soul hug the air and the fog. Observe, you’ll know more. Strive to understand your core. Breathe, breathe in and exhale slow. Let yourself feel your own glow.  Diminish your ego. Let it go. Run away from cacophony, malaise. Forgive easily. Be easy, on your own and on others. Act aloof, to negative vibe, for you should follow positive tribe. Clean your rancid thoughts. Gape nature, foster and nurture. Jump, jump in deep water, for the peace is winsome. Be impulsive, in a good way. Master your day. Create your rhythm. Own your rhythm. Feel the tranquil.


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