It just doesn’t feel right! 

“It doesn’t feel right.

Waking up with my room drowning in sunlight, all this heat and yet this pain makes it feel like I’m gonna get a frostbite. Sitting down for breakfast, and suddenly I have lost my appetite. Getting ready for college, I just keep telling myself it’s gonna be alright.

The sunlight shined bright and, my day had begun, but I couldn’t help but feel some fright. I thought maybe today I will see some happy sights, and yet as I enter the building, I took my right and there’s a fistfight. It just doesn’t feel right. The fact that I go back home with no one to wish a good night. The fact that there’s no one to talk to, just my paper and pen to write. All I do during the day is think of what I’m gonna do at night, all I do at night is lay on bed under the moonlight, with a fire in my heart starting to ignite, I hold on to my sanity so tight. next thing I know, my inner monster comes out without an invite, and I put a knife against my wrist while the voices in my mind echo trying to brighten my inner light by telling me it’s gonna be ‘alright’. My wrists are bleeding and the pain finally starts to bite. They lied. It’s never gonna be alright.

I hide between the bedsheets under the dim starlight. The clock hits midnight and my sanity’s out  of sight. It just doesn’t feel right.”


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