His wish.. 

I wished to be alone with you

this dreamy night to share

to feel your breath upon my cheek

to feel the softness of your hair
So I brought this pen and paper

upon now which I write

so I may share my love with you

this nice yet lonely night 
The dancing of the flame

the slowly creeping tide

brings a tear of sorrow

wishing your were at my side 
The distant music playing 

beneath the silver crescent moon 

I sit here writing, on the sand

wondering if I’ll see you soon 
With everything so perfect

yet everything so wrong 

the band off in the distance 

plays another lonely song
Two lovers walking barefoot

along the ocean’s shore 

brings yet another tear of longing

and makes me want you more
And now I feel upon my face

a single drop of rain

which seems so oddly out of place 

a little like my pain
So I sit here now, in paradise

having never felt this blue

I got my wish to be alone

why couldn’t it be with you….


One thought on “His wish.. 

  1. putting all my work on halt and reading this, your poem seems to have deep desires and i appreciate the way you express it through blogging God bless you and your family

    Liked by 1 person

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