There’s no one to be lonely with.

No one who can barely smile.

Only chattering conversations,

When will be tears back in style?
I am weary of all the gladness,

The grinning voices of the land.

Tonight I’ll wallow in sadness

And the tragic mystery of man.
How can I speak of yesterday?

When I don’t know what to say.

How can I talk of tomorrow? 

When words get in my way.
There’s a language I never learned,

A sadness I cannot reveal.

There’s a courage that has deserted me.

I cannot tell what I feel.
A tree is easy to chat with,

The sky will say what it can,

Even the non is responsive,

The silence is only in man.
Find a tree that you love, 

tell ur dreams to the sky,

Give up your tears to the moon,

And please be as lonely as I…

[Guest post by Atul Pataskar] 


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