Secret Admirers..

Insomnia caught me that night,

Offered to sell me off is every single light.

Anonymous were the moist dews,

Along with the silent screams of the battling leaves.

Way far I was to reach and listen them,

While I overheard- “THE GEMINI GEM”.

Breeze slithering bangs from my eyes,

Called bard within that lies.

I pictured here my peaceful sleep,

Rather in which I would be running deep.

Bright and white pinned some beams,

Not to seethe although it seems.

Dews assisted by moonlight,

Rose me up quite right.

Tryst called so was fascinating,

Termed goals were the topic illuminating.

Sururbs to us were full of tranquility,

And I was called to garner as vitality.

The girth was small, yet glacial,

Among all their gestures facial.

Curtains at window saw cold hamper,

Hastily covered me, to boast me pamper.

All those had so long integrated,

To have me soon interrogated.

Intermittent boosts were the theme,

I being client, they made this scheme.

A kindled voice- “Invincible are never the destinations”,

While other stern- “Do not make eyes as here were exclamations!”.

Mute were now my notifications,

Alongside window gave the justification.

Underneath kinetic energy started to increase,

This is a legacy seldom to decrease.

With merriment and powers in my fist,

Another mirage ended with a twist.


2 thoughts on “Secret Admirers..

  1. I use simple words and few lines for poetry 🙂
    So this is tough for me to understand 🙂
    Does this poem mean you were in a dream or dreaming or something like that?


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