Blurred out..? Not for long…

The world front of my eyes has started to rotate..
round and round and round..
A couple of moments later, I could hardly
put forward my feet on the ground..
Suddenly everything blurred out
and my sight became dark..
The actions attempted by me,
promised my future to leave a mark..
A thing now
hurt me in the head..
Long after, I realized I had
fallen down on my bed..
Nor the cigar, neither the alcohol,
some minute drugs will cause me a brutal death, I thought..
The vein of my brain will potentially
rupture releasing the blood clot by clot..
That put me through a long
sequence of reel running forward..
All the moments revealed cynosure,
telling me “You’re not coward”..
All the brightest mystic landmarks stood,
faded one by one..
The present laughed at my toil,
made my fun..
Bloody nightmare came to me and
put me through reckless way..
My own Nebula too, now
lowered down it’s sway..
The nocturnal groans
reverberated in every sound..
For every move devoid of logic,
opened up and expanded the bound..
The substratum of my ethical power
broke down into fine pieces..
Governed before all the laws
and impulses, now ditches..
Oh no.. I won’t let that
happen so easy..
Nothing in the world could
make my life fussy..
The distress, hah! I will make it
the faggot, surely to burn..
Exactly, infinite lessons gory,
had, in a manner made me learn..
For every tear that has barren me until now,
I do have a much much better revenge to take..
Nevertheless, again all the blossomed smiles will
plunge into phenomenal foreshadow, but no longer fake..


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