pexels-photo-45683-large.jpegShe was glad that day.

He was always a reason

to keep her smiling,

But he was now becoming

all her happiness.

She now felt loved.

Things went just like she wanted

And she had him whom she forever wanted.

Secret in secret was in her mind now

She understood the game of life now.

She felt leading a proper path now.

The days were gone

Which were haunted,

For all the forest

She had now hunted.

She wanted to grow,

The infant in her now is matured, it show.

She felt the same way as

When she used to be in  the nature’s hug.

The pleasant moments she missed

In loneliness bug.

She wanted to feel each breathe now,

She wanted to live her life now.

She stood in front of herself,

She had eyes, calmly hypnotizing

She had a face, magically glowing

She had a smile, silently charming.

She was standing on cloud nine now.

She felt blessed.

She felt grateful towards Him.

She wished her life full of

Moments she would mention gratitude for.

She wanted to be His favorite child now.

She wanted to be his favorite girl now.


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